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Get reach & leads by publishing an infographic to a current topic – e.g. 10 Remote Work Hacks

We all have always the question, which type of content is most relevant for your audience. Infographics that sum up your Top-4-5-6-7-8–9 have some advantages: They are easy to understand, useful and easy to share…

If you are able to bring your special expertise for a topic or some best practices for a relevant hot topic, it could be that you can get a lot of reach in social media. If you are able to find the hook, so that people want to download the infographic, it can be a fantastic lead collection generator.

We have built an infographic with our 8 best practices for hosting remote workshops. In these damned corona-crisis times quite a hot topic, right?

Duration: 7 days

  • Linkedin Ads: 30 euro spent: 10 website clicks 0 conversions -> Too expensive for these first results
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads: 100€ spent: 498 impressions, 36 conversions -> quite good


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