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Have team members confirm group messages in Slack via Thumb Vote („Ok“)

If team members are distributed over various offices. cities or even time zones, it is essential to have an asynchronous communication tool like Slack. Many times I want to inform the whole about or remind them of but I do not know who has read and understood my message on a channel. So I ask them to give a quick „thumbs up“ as confirmation. ?

Learning: You have an indication if people do read your messages at all. You can contact the ones that did not react separately to make sure they are on top of things with the rest of the team. And at the same time check what prevented them, like „message too long (TLDR)“ or „too many messages“ etc. etc. Give your own emoji reaction below your message to make it even easier for team members to add theirs by clicking on it instead of having to select it themselves.


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