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Increase order size by adding ticket option with more value for more money

If you are hosting your own events or you are in charge of selling event tickets, then increasing the amount per ticket order can be an underestimated Growth Hack. But how? The best idea we have tested is to offer a “partner ticket”, where visitors can buy 2 tickets with one order. To give them a reason you can give them a better price with a 20-30% discount.

For our b2b Growth Hacking Bootcamp we are offering two „added-value“ tickets.

  1. Partner ticket, where you can get a ticket for 2 persons with 30% off.
  2. Individual Coaching ticket, where you get one-hour individual coaching with the head after the Bootcamp is done. We charge for this 200-250€ more than for the normal ticket price.

Learning: For each event 15-20% have been Partner or Individual coaching tickets. Easy money. Maybe some people are planning to come with a colleague in advance. That would mean, that we are losing money with this hack, because they would buy 2 “single tickets”, anyway. But most of them get triggered by the attractive price and ask a colleague or friend to join, so that the shopping basket increases


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