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Start a presentation with an icebreaker to get the attention of the audience

For internal or external presentations: Start a presentation with an icebreaker to get the attention of the audience. This icebreaker could be:


  • A local hint to the audience: At a keynote at the „Tourismus Konzil Bodensee“ I started with an old family picture where we traveled to the Lake Constance area 25 years ago. By the way, my father wore fantastic sunglasses.
  • You could make fun of yourself: After the introduction with some warm words of the host of the event (we went to school for 10 years in former days), I started with „Sorry, Sebastian and I had the same English teacher…“
  • You could ask a yes/no question to get interaction from the beginning on: „Who knows the problem, that…“

Getting the audience to the point, that they trust you to have a good time is the one and the only thing in the first 2 minutes of each presentation.


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