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THE Lead Generation Hack – more Leads in just 1 Week

Lead Generation is always a big strategic topic…especially in b2b companies. This hack helps you to generate more leads in just one week with just 1 hour of work:

1. Take the 3 pages with the most traffic.
2. Take a look at the pages and ask yourself „What would be a perfect next step / goodie for the users so that they give us their email address?“

3. Create a new headline below the page that explains the next step / goodie you came up with (e.g. a whitepaper) and embed a form for the users to register. (Important: Don’t build the goodie (whitepaper) yet because you don’t know if it will generate leads.)
4. After one week take a look how many leads were generated with the existing traffic on the page and optimize.

5. If you generated leads start building the whitepaper and send an email to the generated leads that the new whitepaper is ready in a few days.

Hint: The big hack is to not build the lead generator in advance but to validate first wether the users convert into the lead generator or not. Using the existing traffic generates speed because you see within one week wether the new lead generator idea work and you don’t have to do any marketing activities.


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