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Use DELEGATION POKER to decide who is allowed to take which decisions

The more you fully delegate the less people have to wait to get shit done. Delegation Poker Cards by Management 3.0 help you to be explicit on decision levels. 

If your team members can act on their own and take decisions, you will be able to experiment much more! Remember: Only an executed idea is a good one. There might be things you don’t want to give out of your hands – no problem. As long as everybody knows how far they can act independently.

Print out a set of delegation poker cards for every team member and get started!

  • List topics that could be delegated to a team 
  • There are 7 options (poker cards) to choose from
  • Every team member secretly selects a card, afterwards show, compare results and discuss
  • Careful: Only discuss topics you are willing to delegate


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