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Write longer copytext – instead of short clicky landingpages – by Talia Wolf

All people outsight are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed of marketing stuff. “Click here”, “Join here for free”, Sliders, Hero images, Ads, Videos, Everything is clicky, shiny and looks beautiful….and so on…

For a social media conference in the US, the organization team decided to start their sales page looking more like a blogpost. Long, detailed text with problem descriptions, specific examples, and authentic (no filter) pictures from the former events. No marketing page. Just a simple blogpost style with all information their target group – in this case the overwhelmed Social Media Managers – need to be convinced.

“Being understood” could be the name for this Growth Hack. Help your visitors to kill all hesitations and barriers to start with your business, service or whatever you do.

As presented by Talia Wolf at the Growth Europe Summit 2020.


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