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ZOOM tips & tricks for video conferencing

  • Break-out rooms to work in smaller groups
  • Host should „Mute all“ in the beginning to eliminate background noises
    • People can unmute themselves whenever they want to contribute
    • MUTE / UNMUTEusing Alt+A (Cmd+Shift+A for Mac)
    • Video ON / OFF using Alt+V (Cmd+V for Mac)
  • Ask everyone to switch to Galery View in order to see all participants at once – feels more like sitting at one table (max. 25 fit in one screen)
  • Ask people to raise their hand if they want to speak
    • Actually raise your hand and keep it raised until it’s your turn
    • Or use „raise hand“ feature (click on „participants“ to see the button)
  • Use meeting cards like „be right back“ or „can’t hear you“
  • If you don’t want people to see your home you may change settings to a virtual background
  • Make sure to display your real name (Click on video to see dot menu > „rename“)
  • In case you are distracted by looking at yourself all the time, you can hide your view – this way it feels more like a normal meeting and may help you focus


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