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Check demand for new Growth opportunities with Google Adwords

With which strategy you want to grow is one of the hardest questions in business life, right?

We use Google Adwords and the Google Keyword Planner Tool very often to check the demand of a dedicated keyword area beforehand.

One example „Growth Hacking“ vs „Growth Mindset“:

We’re wondering, if we should start a project to position ourselves in the area of „Growth Mindset“. Producing content, offering courses and products, …

Before we start we’re running a 7 days experiment on Google Adwords to find out:

  • How many people are googling for Growth Mindset?
  • Are we able to get the clicks? (Click-Through-Rate)
  • What does a click cost? (Cost-per-Click)
  • Are we able to convert them on our landingpage for downloading the Top-100 Growth Hacks? (Conversion Rate of your landingpage


in 7 days we’ve collected 1.000+ impressions. 81 clicks. An avaregae cpc of 1,04€. And 3 lead conversions.   Learning: Impressions, Clicks, CPC are quite good in comparison to the „Growth Hacking“ keyword. But the conversion on our landingpage is bad. We’ve expected around 15 conversions. Means: We’ve found out, that there is a good demand and we’re able to get the clicks on our page. But as next steps we’ve to optimize the landingpage to fit better into the customer needs of somebody who his looking for insights to „Growth Mindset“ and not „Growth Hacking“.

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