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Find your companies „Why“ workshop

Growth is not only about optimizing products, landingpages, marketing campaigns or setting up your team…

Growth starts with a reasoning why you doing it. In which way do we want to help your customers? Why do they join your services or buy your products?

Sounds clear? Sounds easy?

But where to start? How can you start to find out the why of your company and to take it as the core of your strategy for all products, marketing campaigns and team setting up actions…

Alex Müller – CEO of Greator told us at the Growth Europe Summit 2020 – that you can start with a one day workshop with the whole team, where you start brain storming to find the why…Always ask why, again and again…It hurts. But, if you find the „why“ of your company and the team follow it, then it will help you taking easier and better decisions.

A good start, right? #executeordie


External Resources

Alex Book recommendation is:Scaling up by V. Harnish: image source:

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