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Build a hub page for your podcast, youtube channel to be able to track user

Our Growth Hacking podcast plays a very important role in our content marketing strategy. We´re publishing podcasts with what makes life easy for us. On anchor, you get a very nice hub page, where all your episodes, a short description, and links to all podcast Apps are listed.
Unfortunately, if you send the traffic in your podcast marketing emails, ads, private messages always to this “external” hub page you´ll giving away control.

Instead, you could build your own podcast hub page, where you integrate the embed-snippets, right away. The big advantage is, that you can track for instance, with exactly which newsletter who of your email subscribers was interested in which podcast…Even better if you´re using HubSpot as your CRM, as we do, then you can see in the history of a lead, which podcasts have been interesting for him/her. Very nice, to send a personal message or to give a call to exactly this topic, right?

Must work for your Youtube-Channel as well – but we haven’t tested it so far, sorry 😉


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