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Start with strategical commenting on Social Media

For instance: Choose 5-10 Thought Leaders / influencers of your industry on Linkedin that have a) exactly your target group as followership and b) more than 5.000 followers.
Then follow them to get a notification, when they make a new post or comment on Linkedin. Then, you have to be fast.
You have to be one of the first, who leaves a comment to his/her post. But don’t leave a random post. You have to comment with sense, what means a bit provocative, with a disagreement to the opinion of the author, or just ask for more details to a detail what is mentioned in the original post / video.
That can have the effect, that a lot of his / her followers will see your “provocative” comment and jump into your thread…or at least visits your personal Linkedin profile to check out, who you are…That’s pretty cool if your profile offers something interesting, like a lead generator or valuable content in your feed.
Easy, right? But, you have to consider one thing. One comment per week is not enough. You have to comment continously, maybe at least 2-3 times a day to get something out of this “Growth Hack”. Gary V. calls this strategy the $1.80 method. (Read more about it here:


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