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Write longer copytext – instead of short clicky landingpages – by Talia Wolf

All people outsight are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed of marketing stuff. “Click here”, “Join here for free”, Sliders, Hero images, Ads, Videos, Everything is clicky, shiny and …

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Use (digital) Time Timer for transparent time-boxing

Time-boxing is a must-have to structure workshops and meetings and ensure outcome (or at least an output). It helps everyone to focus on results. Set …

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Use DELEGATION POKER to decide who is allowed to take which decisions

The more you fully delegate the less people have to wait to get shit done. Delegation Poker Cards by Management 3.0 help you to be …

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Don’t avoid using features that are not integrated into the current plan of the user

Don’t avoid using features that are not integrated into the current plan of the user. Instead let them use the feature for instance for a …

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Delete old pages from Google search

With each website relaunch you get more and more old pages that are not important for your user anymore. Not important for your user means …

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Clean your CRM data regularly

We often use our CRM software tool as contact list for everything. We mix it up with 10 years old business cards somebody collected on …

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Is the Growth Tool Box for me?

Whether you are beginner, advanced or expert the Growth Tool Box is helpful for marketers, product managers, sales people and everyone else looking for growth! 

Will i Get Updates when new Hacks are Added

Yes! The Tool Box is constantly updated and you can set notifications to see the new hacks first

Why is it for Free?

In over 300 Growth Hacking Coachings we learned that having the right ideas is the key challenge for growth hacking….That’s why we want to provide as many validated growth hacking ideas as possible!


Since we know that executing growth hacking ideas is quite difficult you will find guidance in form of video lessons below the growth hacking ideas

who can i contact to get help?

If you need assistence while working with the Growth Toolbox, we are happy to help you out. Just write us an email to hello@growthtoolbox.io and one of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible!